woensdag 16 november 2011

Flipper 2 – Flush the goldfish concept art

While browsing my hard drive today I found some cool concept art work that Paul Veer and Roy Nathan de Groot did! I don’t exactly remember who made what, but I do remember the night they got made. We where just trying out things for the box art.

They nailed the right scene for the box pretty quickly. I remember Roy coming up with the masks, because he thought it would be cool to be able to see through them from behind.

The last concept art piece (4) is an early concept for the main menu (top screen) that Roy did. I really love it, and maybe one day we will finish it and use it as a poster or something. I don’t know exactly why anymore, but we opted for something else in the menu.
Hope you like’em!

check them out here :

concept art #1
concept art #2
concept art #3
concept art #4

dinsdag 15 november 2011

Look at all those colors!

Red, green and blue. And not just green, but really GREEN! Where are the colors today ? It seems that modern gaming only uses brown and gray. Which seems logical considering their atmosphere, but looking back; all the violent of the 90s seem to have colors!

Look at Mortal Kombat for example, one of the goriest and bloodiest game series of 90s. it left parents in disgust! Yet it had a vibrant color palette, from light green to light purple to orange and blue.

I wish games nowadays had a bit more color to them :)

Kid Icarus

This is me playing Kid Icarus at the Gamescom 2011, I really had a blast. What a fantastic game, this is exactly the kind of game the Nintendo 3DS needs. The 3D really feels good and useful (since you are flying into the distance) much better than most games where it comes off like a gimmick.


Welcome on my new blog. It will feature more things than just the games I’m working on; like old games that inspired me or which I think are cleverly made, game development/design in general and some general gaming news (I go to a lot of expo’s and conventions).

The background is made up from Nintendo Gameboy games I used to love when I was a kid. My parents didn’t let me have a normal console, but they did give me a Gameboy for my swimming certificate!

I played the heck out of it, and even started programming on it, which eventually leads to Goodbye Galaxy Games and Nintendo DS/3DS development!