zaterdag 29 december 2012

Ace Mathician is GOTY 2012!

I have some really awesome news today! Ace Mathician got voted Game Of The Year over at in the DSiWare category.

check the full story here:
I'm extremely happy with this because when I shopped Ace around with publishers, most of them turned it down thinking math in videogames is stupid. Luckily, Circle Entertainment trusted me and together (they where a big help, especially Chris) we build a amazing little game.. in fact, it is my highest rated game so far (average review is 80%)

I also got a lot of nice words from fans about this game (even some cool fan art), the fact that this award is won because you guys voted on the game makes it all the more special for me! So I want to thank everybody who voted and or bought the game! you guys make my job awesome!

And Chris... thanks again for the trust in all us indie developers, a publisher like Circle really makes a difference... let’s hope Color Commando will do just as good :)

zondag 23 december 2012

Color Commando for DSiWare

Okay, as you might have seen on the little sneak peak over at , I have been working very hard on a new DSi-Ware (really guys, this is the last one!) game!

And now is the time to share a bit more info about this awesome puzzle platform game. I do this through a new website :

The website has screenshots and a lot of info about the game which is coming out somewhere early 2013 for around 200 points!

I worked really hard on the game for the past few weeks, and I’m happy that most of the work is done and I can finally go take a xmas break! I’m off to Hungary to celebrate with my girlfriends family and I will meet up with some of the local (hey ph0x) indie developers over there!

Ace Mathician cabinet!

The pixel artists of Ace Mathician, Danny Flexner,  build this amazing Ace Cabinet! It was used for an open-day of his school to show off various work created by the students. According to Danny the game got a lot of attention from the visitors!
check it out :

zaterdag 6 oktober 2012

Awesome Power Unlimited interview!

The biggest and baddest game magazine of the Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg) has a two-age interview with me in their latest issue!

This is a really important milestone for me; I have been reading the PU since the beginning and it kinda was my bible back in the 90s. As a big fan of Mortal Kombat I could not life without their cheat-pages.. which was really the only way to figure out new fatalities and stuff since the internet wasn’t available to us school kids yet.

I still remember almost every issue page by page, I remember the issue that featured Engine Software back in 1998. I was so impressed by their work I started to call their office and send them random emails… they must have gone completely crazy over my stupid questions haha… so cool to see they eventually became the publisher of Flipper 2!

Anyway, go pick up the latest issue of Power Unlimited!

Ace Mathician reviews

Ace Mathician is out for a while now, so let's check what the score is at the moment. Well, there where a lot of great reviews and it seems that Ace is my best game so far :)

Ngamer magazine - 4/5 (September issue, out now!)

Nintendo life - 8/10 (read here)

Nintendo World Report - 8/10 (read here)

Digitally Downloaded - 4/5 (read here)


donderdag 16 augustus 2012

Awesome stuff

Hey guys, I'm back from vacation and I could finally download my own game; Ace Mathician! Very happy and excited moment!

And while I was on vacation jmatchead send me this amazing piece of fan art! I just think it's awesome. Please also check his page out at (he has alot of other cool
videogame art!) :

Thanks again for the fan art!

donderdag 12 juli 2012

Ace Mathician released in US!

Hooray! today Ace Mathician is released in the US Nintendo DSi-Ware store! and Nintendo even features the game for the 'what's new section' how awesome is that?

anyway.. you should go get it because :

- super cute koala!
- only 2 bucks (200 points)
- more content than Flipper 1 has!
- you might learn something!

dinsdag 8 mei 2012

Ngamer magazine Flipper 2 review

Ngamer wrote a nice big review about Flipper 2 in their magazine. They gave the game 3 stars and a pretty positive review. very nice to read! I didn't expect this review at all, I was picking up my girlfriend from the airport and while waiting for her to arrive I checked out some gaming magazines.... and suddenly I flipped the page and bang! Flipper! awesome!

everybody.. go buy the magazine and read it!

zaterdag 7 april 2012

Flipper 2 represents DS-Ware favorites!

What does this screenshot tell you ? two things; first, the guy who send me this picture is really broke :D and second; Flipper 2 is representing the DSi-Ware favorites in the USA e-shop! I’m super happy and proud! Thanks to everyone that bought the game! It means a lot to me!

woensdag 21 maart 2012

Ace Mathician trailer!

Hey guys, development on Ace Mathician is going really REALLY great. For those who haven't seen it yet; it's a puzzle based platformer for Nintendo DSiWare (and 3DS).

You basically have to move platforms with math! it's really fun!

for more info :

check out the first trailer here :