donderdag 27 januari 2011

Bday screenshots!

Hey Guys,

Totday it's my b-day! Last year ,exactly, I received word from Nintendo that they accepted Flipper through the lot-check. This year Flipper 2 isn't quite ready yet.

To celebrate anyway; I would like to show off some new screenshots! Look at the crazy new actions and worlds... hope you like it!

Please excuse my while I put a big piece of cake in my mouth ;-)

P.S. I got an oldskool PSX from my girlfriend (including Skullmonkeys and Crash Bandicoot) needless to say it's pretty damn awesome!

woensdag 12 januari 2011

First real screenshots of Flipper 2

Wow.. it's finally time to present my baby to the world! Below you can view the first 4 screenshots from Flipper 2. Although we are still in heavy development, everything is starting to really look like a fun game. I'm really excited about this game and it's just a ton of fun to work on it. So it was pretty hard to keep it a secret for all those weeks! I'm so happy to finally show something!!

These screens reveal a few of Flipper's unique actions, but I can assure you there are many more.. some of which I will show in the coming weeks!

Please note the banana gun; I promise you, nothing is more rewarding then seeing your enemies go down with a splashed banana in their face!

let me know what you think of them, leave a comment or twitter something ( Thanks!! hope you enjoy!!

vrijdag 7 januari 2011

Engine software

I’m so happy to have found a home for Flipper 2, it’s shaping up to be a great game! And now it becomes even more exciting, because I get to team up with Engine software. They are publishing the title and helping me with the sound part.

Next to the obvious reason why this is exciting (getting Flipper 2 out) it’s also extra special because I know Engine-software for a very long time. In fact they are the oldest game dev studio in the Netherlands.

They started just like me, and they produced a lot of games for Nintendo systems over the years.

I got to know them through a magazine called Power Unlimited, they did a article about them and their work. In my eyes they where heroes! Especially since at the time almost nobody was making videogames in the Netherlands.

When I started doing GBA programming I got in contact with them, and they even provided me a free license to their sounds engine. Over the years they have been really friendly to me, always ready to give some advice if I needed it.
And now finally I get to work with them! Awesome!

you can find some more info about them here :

Press Release

Flipper 2 has a publisher!! I signed with Engine-software!

full press release can be found here :