vrijdag 14 juni 2013

A dream comes true!

Today was a special day for me. I went to the toy store in my hometown together with my dad. More than 20 years ago my dad took me here, to get a Nintendo GameBoy and my first game; Fortress of Fear (by Rare!).

Today I’m standing at the exact same spot, but this time I’m pointing at one of my own games. I knew Maya would be up there, but I was surprised to see some of my other games as well.

My hometown is quite small and only has one toy store (and no game shops). The man owning the store still knew who I was from back in the day. I came in there a lot, to stare at all the games I could not afford :)

He knew I always wanted to make games, and was happily surprised to find out I actually did it!

I cannot help to think that maybe this summer a dad will take his son to this toy store,  and get him a Nintendo (3)DS. Maybe , just maybe, the boy will pick out one of my games as his first. What an awesome feeling!