donderdag 11 juli 2013

Tappingo for Nintendo 3DS e-shop!

I’m very happy to announce Tappingo today. It’s my first 3DS-Ware game, and I’m really excited about the new platform and the new e-shop!

Tappingo is a puzzle based game where you have to solve little puzzles of pixel art (a bit like Picross but with a different mechanic). It will feature many puzzles (over a 100) in all kinds of categories (sports, animals, computers,etc).

The game will be published by Circle Entertainment, just like our previous games. We hope to release this game into the e-shop at the end of the summer!

Over the coming months I will release more details, screenshots and trailers.

For now; please go and check out the Tappingo website (which also has the first screenshots) over here: