vrijdag 7 januari 2011

Engine software

I’m so happy to have found a home for Flipper 2, it’s shaping up to be a great game! And now it becomes even more exciting, because I get to team up with Engine software. They are publishing the title and helping me with the sound part.

Next to the obvious reason why this is exciting (getting Flipper 2 out) it’s also extra special because I know Engine-software for a very long time. In fact they are the oldest game dev studio in the Netherlands.

They started just like me, and they produced a lot of games for Nintendo systems over the years.

I got to know them through a magazine called Power Unlimited, they did a article about them and their work. In my eyes they where heroes! Especially since at the time almost nobody was making videogames in the Netherlands.

When I started doing GBA programming I got in contact with them, and they even provided me a free license to their sounds engine. Over the years they have been really friendly to me, always ready to give some advice if I needed it.
And now finally I get to work with them! Awesome!

you can find some more info about them here :

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