zaterdag 29 december 2012

Ace Mathician is GOTY 2012!

I have some really awesome news today! Ace Mathician got voted Game Of The Year over at in the DSiWare category.

check the full story here:
I'm extremely happy with this because when I shopped Ace around with publishers, most of them turned it down thinking math in videogames is stupid. Luckily, Circle Entertainment trusted me and together (they where a big help, especially Chris) we build a amazing little game.. in fact, it is my highest rated game so far (average review is 80%)

I also got a lot of nice words from fans about this game (even some cool fan art), the fact that this award is won because you guys voted on the game makes it all the more special for me! So I want to thank everybody who voted and or bought the game! you guys make my job awesome!

And Chris... thanks again for the trust in all us indie developers, a publisher like Circle really makes a difference... let’s hope Color Commando will do just as good :)

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