vrijdag 17 april 2009

Does this still count an Friday-post ?

I promised to update my blog every Monday and Friday. Well I forgot! I’m still working but it’s past midnight, so I guess it still counts as Friday but I lose some bonus points :)

Anyway, today was hell. I’m working on the interface for the top screen. It pretty basic, it has a background (changes with the theme) and the inventory graphics(which power up your currently holding).

However, I needed to do everything in tile mode this time. And it was hell just to try and figure out what kind of data the damn hardware wants. I managed to get it all working eventually, but I’m not feeling satisfied. It would have been so much easier if I could use a 1D array as vram. Just like I use for the bottom screen.But the hardware doesn’t allow for it.So far it's the only thing I hate about the NDS, other than that it's pretty neat to code for!

Awell, back to work!

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