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Flipper For Nintendo DSiWare To Be Released February 22nd In North America

Utrecht, The Netherlands– February 8th, 2010– Xform and Goodbye Galaxy Games are excited to finally announce that their game Flipper for Nintendo DSiWare™ will see the light of day in North America on February 22nd 2010. The European release is scheduled for Q1 2010. The game has been developed exclusively for Nintendo DSiWare.

About Flipper

The hero of the game is a courageous young boy. You must lead him through various worlds full of obstacles to retrieve his stolen goldfish called Flipper!

Get ready for a 3D puzzle platform game set over 4 different worlds, with 5 levels each! The game features beautiful pixel-art backdrops, cheerful cartoon characters and catchy music.

The voxel engine technology allows you to change the environment with some cool power-ups. You can find power-ups that let you blast holes in the environment, build platforms, or restore parts you've previously destroyed. It's up to you to use the limited amount of power-ups wisely to complete each level.

Flipper is a fun and challenging puzzle game that is suitable for all ages.

For more information about Flipper, please visit

About Xform

Xform is a leading independent developer and publisher of browser based 3d games. We create games for the world’s biggest publishers, advertising agencies and game portals and have an extensive portfolio of successful games. Since 2009, Xform also develops games for popular home consoles, handhelds and mobile devices. Xform was founded in 2004 and has its headquarters in Utrecht, The Netherlands. More information about Xform and its products may be found at


Diederik Groesbeek



Telephone: +31302313720 +31302313720

About Goodbye Galaxy Games

Goodbye Galaxy Games is a Dutch game development studio that develops awesome original home grown games! The studio is founded in early 2008 by Hugo Smits. We use our craftsmanship to create videogames that are fun, original, inventive and highly playable for both hardcore and casual players!


Hugo Smits



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