vrijdag 29 oktober 2010

Flipper 2 for DSi-Ware

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I'm very excited to announce my new game today; Flipper 2. It's going to be a 2D platform game that can be controlled with only one button. It's coming to DSi-Ware and it will be like nothing else.

The game is controlled by one button. Every screen Flipper can preform one action (jump,shoot) by pressing that button. And you need to figure out how to get Flipper to the other side safely with that action (avoiding all the traps and enemies).

The levels are pretty random in what the player needs to do, so it's a bit like wario-ware. You have to quickly find out what to do and do it before you die.

It's very action-orientated. With a lot of explosions and score-points flying everywhere.

The big focus is on the main-character of this game; Flipper. There are many, MANY actions and animations that he will show off. All goofy,funny or awesome. I have some great artists working on this; Paul Veer (who also did graphics for Flipper 1) and Roy Nathan de Groot (who did this amazing concept piece).

I tried to keep it like a comic/cartoon thing from the 90s, the humor is also in this style. Basically Paul made animations, and If it made me laugh we kept them :)

Especially the dying animations are funny as hell.

So to sum it up; If you like 90s cartoons and videogames. You like this.

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