donderdag 29 december 2011

go download!

Hey guys, the NOE eshop just got updated and Flipper 2: Flush the goldfish is in it! you can finally download the game and play it!

so.. what are you waiting for ? go download the game!

Just some quick info:

play through the story mode (basically a tutorial) to unlock the 'random castle' mode, which feature over 300+ rooms that can be played in different themes!

If you complete one random castle, the level editor will unlock! have fun!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Congratulations on another solid release Hugo! It would be really interesting to see how your latest offering stacks up against the original Flipper. Might just have to load some more points on the DSi and give this one a go:)

  2. My review of Flipper 2:

    I was immediately disappointed when I first began playing this, because I thought it was going to be a standard platformer, rather than a Wario-Ware styled game. This also put me off because of how fast it is. First time players are going to have a hell of a time getting used to what exactly to do, since your buttons do something different every screen, and there isn't any time at all to adjust, thus making this a memory game with a steep learning curve.

    However, if you can get past the learning curve, it is a pretty fun game, with nice music and graphics. However, I feel it could have been much better had it been an Earthworm Jim styled platform -- the character's robot suit practically resembles Jim's. But, as it is, it's a pretty decent game.