dinsdag 5 november 2013

new Tappingo screenshots!

Here are some awesome new screenshot of Tappingo. The new amazing puzzle game I’m working on for Nintendo 3DS e-shop! Check them out!


From the creator (Hugo Smits) of DSi-Ware award winning games 'Flipper', 'Ace
Mathician' and 'Color Commando' comes an all new puzzle game for 3DS e-shop!

Solve pixel art puzzles by making numbered blocks extend into lines. Sounds easy? Wait
until you find out these lines keep running unless they hit something! Be smart and use
other blocks and lines to stop the line at the correct lenght.

Gameboy had Tetris, Nintendo DS had Picross. Now 3DS players get their puzzle craze
called Tappingo!

more info: http://www.goodbyegalaxygames.com/tappingo/

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