zondag 26 juli 2009

Menu madness

Last week I threw out all the menu code and completely rewrote and redesigned it. One would be surprised to see how something as simple as menu code can quickly become a huge mess.

Basically I made a brilliant *ahem* design for the menu. Later one of course, I needed to insert a few menus that didn’t have the same setup/structure. I hacked those in. After that I decided to add and pass a few parameters from menu to menu, needless to say I didn’t thought of it before, and they were also hacked in. So all in all it got messy.

So I started to re-write everything. In my defense, the second time coding something is always easier. Because now I knew all them menus and functionality I would need. So I could all incorporate them into my design from the start one.

I’m pretty pleased with the results. The code is clean (and a lot shorter) and very readable. The menu is more clear and faster. So it was a good week.

Next week (starting tomorrow) I will do the last few gameplay-coding thingies. And then the code is done. Meaning that next week I will clean all the code up, and finish it. After that It’s all about the content (which is done for probably 60%).

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