dinsdag 6 oktober 2009

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Finally new blog update! It took some time, because work right now is pretty frantic. Same excuse as last time :) right now, I’m trying to make a perfect build for Nintendo. Which is very hard. So many little rules. As you might have read, I wanted to get a build on its way last Friday. But I really misjudged the work that comes with making such builds. It’s looking good now, I’m positive that I will meet the deadline of this Friday!

I’ve been looking in to some other things as well regarding the Flipper projects. One of them is the price point. I wanted it be 200 points, badly. Even though the game is much bigger than all other 200 point games. I felt that everyone should try it, and that nobody would skip the game at 200 points.

It turns out that the price point isn’t just a matter of the developer wanting it. There are other parameters involved such as the download size. The Flipper game is fairly large, and because of that there might be a change I have to choose to sell it for 500 points.

I’m wondering right now what to do. If I really want the 200 point, I might be able to scale the game down (i.e. lose a lot of sound quality). But I don’t know if I want to make the game WORSE for 200 points or that I rather make it BETTER for 500 points (i.e. improve the sound quality that’s in the game right now).

PLEASE NOTE; that it’s not certain the game will be 500 points (or 200 points). I didn’t discuss this with Nintendo or the publisher, so I don’t know if they will make a fuss about it or not. Maybe if I ask really nice, they let me get away with 200 points even though the game is rather big :)

It’s just something floating in my mind right now.

Some time ago there was a preview of Flipper on Edge Online (http://www.edge-online.com/features/preview-flipper). Because I love the magazine, I decided to give them some exclusive screenshots of the pirate world.

Because it’s more than a month ago, and because I know some of you are itching for news, I decided to release them in their full glory right here :

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  1. Hey there. I've been keeping an eye on Flipper for a little while now. It makes me happy that there are still people out there who just want to make a fun game for as many people as possible.

    I just wanted to mention something about the issue you're having with pricing. You mentioned that the game is quite large, so you'd have to lower the sound quality to make it hit 200 points. I'm sure you already looked into this, but are there any other things you can do to reduce the file size?

    Selling this game for 200 points would be an incredible value. I think it's pretty bold, actually. If you want an outsider's opinion or if I can help you with anything at all, please contact me.

    Regardless, best of luck and congratulations!! :)

  2. I find it stupid that Nintendo feels the need to put caps on certain price points. Why not let the developers choose any price point they want? Anyways, in my opinion I would hope you put it out as a 200 point price point as obviously more people would get it and it would be more accessible to everyone. .............I would want the sound quality too............


  3. Tough choice. But I like to have good quality music...

  4. There's no way I'd be able to pass up Flipper if it was 200 points.

  5. Personally i would be very happy to have it as a 500 Point game.

    You can keep the orginal game as intended and remain the High Quality music.

    You can't be very Nitpicky about 300 points more, if it ends up better :)

  6. thanks for all the reactions!

    First however, I want to state it clearly again; AT THIS POINT I'M NOT PRESSURED BY NINTENDO. I still need to talk about this with them.

    Second; I don't think it's stupid of them to have some short of plan for things like this. First of, bigger games need more server-storage and more traffic.

    Also, look at Apple. They let developers decided the price themselfs. But it kills the market.It's really hard to make a good game for 10$ on iphone. Because mosts apps your competing with are 99 cents.

    You really need a big name to get people to buy 10$ apps because of that.

  7. This game looks so great that I'd be glad to pay 5 euro's instead of 2! From the looks of it it's definitely worth it and I thought (when first seeing the game) you would charge 800 points. So don't make a big deal out of it; I'm buying it!

  8. I would pay 500 points for this, however if you really want it at 200 and Nintendo says no, you could possibly make another flipper game but just have a fraction of the graphic variety and levels, I think that would be a better way to get people to play your game, but with a bigger 500 point game you'd probably make a nice profit too. :P

    I would suggest, if you do this, to make the levels in the 200point game unique instead of just taking levels from the 500 point one.