donderdag 22 oktober 2009

new things for the eyes!

I’m releasing some brand new screenshots,artwork and other stuff today! First off; I would like to present the logo and artwork! It’s done by Paul and it looks amazing!

The reason the logo isn’t on the box-art is because we (me and the publisher) felt that it wouldn’t be as readable when resized (what happens a lot on internet sites). I really feel like the box-art captured the mindless fun that you will experience while playing Flipper.

Okay now onto the screenshots! The ingame screenshots aren’t too revealing (the same world I have shown before) with maybe the exception for the pirate world (I didn’t really promote the pirate screenshots from my last blogpost).

What I find more interesting is the menu screenshots. Which hasn’t been shown before! The world-select screenshot shows all the worlds and reveals a little hint about the last world (robots!). The level-select screen shows the basic flow of the game (level 5 is the star level and level 6 is the bonus game). As well as how highscores are visible (at the bottom, it changes when you select a level). Also note the little golden stars appearing behind a level (if you collected a star there). Collect a star in the first 4 levels and the star-level opens! Also note how the menu-theme changes when you select a different world!

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