dinsdag 3 november 2009

new trailer, out now!

Last night was a freaky moment. For the first time in over a year, I had nothing to do on the Flipper project. I filled out some documents for Nintendo, but after that it was done. For the first time In ages I had nothing to do for the night, I had to go to bed.. like all normal people do at night. It was a shocking moment.
I’m sure there will be some minor adjustments to Flipper, but no real work. All my focus goes to promoting the game now. So if you have a game-website and you would like to know more about Flipper, don’t hesitate to mail me!


First off, I did a podcast with the wiiDS podcast guys. You can check the interview out here; http://thewiids.co.uk/blog/?p=1247. In the interview I discuss all kinds of things about Flipper and it’s development process. I had a great time, thanks guys!

And now for the really big news; THE NEW TRAILER IS OUT NOW! Yes, finally! The publisher made it, and they gave me permission to start spreading it today. I think the trailer is absolutely awesome!
Go ahead and check it out :

You can find this trailer and the other trailers at the official Goodbye Galaxy Games youtube channel : http://www.youtube.com/goodbyegalaxygames

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