donderdag 17 december 2009

A hit game

Okay, the last few days have been quite boring on the development front. Hence the fact I didn’t post all that much. Basically I’m waiting for Nintendo to hand me a seal of quality for the USA version, I hope it happens before Christmas.

Today I finished the European version, which wasn’t really that much work. I had to edit the font for some German letters, included a new e-manual and I replaced the rating screen (pegi).

Tomorrow I’ll probably work on the website for which I haven’t spend much time on before, since I wanted to finish the game first.

The problem with being done with development is that your mind kicks in. Normally there was always a bug or an issue to worry about. Something that needed to get fixed. Now everything is done, and suddenly I find myself in panic mode.

I feel like I’m at a crossroad where one road leads to fame and a career as a professional game designer and another road to being a loser. I’ve dreamed all my life of being a game developer.
Now I feel like it can really happen…. Or not.

When I started programming and making games at the age of 9, I wanted two things for my game; that my friends would love to play it, and a good review in the Power Unlimited. The videogame magazine everybody in the neighborhood was reading at the time.

Things didn’t change much. I still have those two goals. But I also know that Flipper really needs to be a hit. I need to earn some cash with it. To pay the rent, but more importantly; for creating my next game.

Last few days I’ve been playing with a new game concept in my head. Hopefully I’ll get the change to create that concept into a full game as well. If Flipper brings in enough money, I can quit school and make a real career out of videogames.Please let Flipper do well… please.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Well I'll be buying it day one :D
    and I'll be telling all my friends with DSi's to get it...

  2. I'm looking forward to playing the final product!! And of course, I'll be running some word-of-mouth in my neck of the woods, too.