vrijdag 18 januari 2013

I'm gonna miss the Nintendo DS


What a day it was today. I got out of bed at 6:00 am and quickly took the train to Doetichem to meet Ivo

at the Engine-software HQ. We talked the whole day about Nintendo development and Nintendo 3DS. I’m going to help them out with another retail Nintendo DS project which I’m really happy about… it’s probably the last chance I get to make something that ends up in retail and for once it’s not a bejeweled clone!

When I got home, I put in a pizza and opened a bag of Maltesers (M&M where already gone) and went straight into code-mode to finish up Color Commando.

These next few weeks are probably the last time I touch Nintendo DS development. It made me reflect on the past few years. It was awesome. I grew from homebrew into a legit official Nintendo developer and I dare to say we (everybody who helped) made some great games.

Actually.. I worked on a lot of stuff. I made 4 complete original games, I helped people with porting, I worked on some retail games (I even did one retail game all by myself!) and I collaborated with other indie developers.

I spend 16 hours coding for Nintendo DS today… and I still love it. I tell ya! I’m gonna miss that little machine!

Man, I can still remember opening my original GameBoy Classic and starting to hack it and make some small games for it. That was almost 17 years ago.. time flies!

And now, in a few weeks, I will be able to buy my own games at the local game store where I bought the my Gameboy Classic that started it all so many years ago. What an experience that is going to be!

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